Write search engine optimized texts

Now when content marketing is getting more and more popular, and quality content is the only content that will get traffic, it gets more and more important to be able to write that quality content in a search engine friendly way. Here is a tutorial or top 10 list for how to write search engine optimized texts.

Writing search engine optimized texts, step by step

  1. Chose a word or phrase to focus on. One phrase per text. You can find phrases with a lot of monthly searches in Google Keyword tool here.
  2. Use the word in the title of your page. The title is the text that is shown in the tab in your browser when you are visiting a site. It is also shown as heading when you see a page in the Google search results.
  3. Use the word in the text content of your page as often as possible without making it look crowded. Between 1 and 5 percent of the text is good. (1 to 5 times for every 100 words).
  4. Use the word in your main heading for the page (h1). There should only be one h1, and it can be the same as the title.
  5. Use subheadings (h2 and h3) and use the word in at least one of each if you have several.
  6. Write long texts. At least 250 words. At least 500 words is what I recommend.
  7. Use the word in the url path for the page.
  8. Use the word in bold, italic, and in lists on the page.
  9. Use the word in a pictures alt-tag on the page. Just do it, it really works. It will help the picture show up in Google image search as well.
  10. If you can, use the word in the beginning and in the end of your text as well. (Read: in the first and the last sentence. This is no strict rule)

Test if your texts are written in a search engine optimized way

Remember that you always can check if your texts are search engine friendly when you are ready. You can check them for free in our onpage SEO-tool here, it is really easy. Read more about how play pokies online to use the SEO-tool here.



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